Satanic After-school Clubs?

Written by: Sherlene

Over the past few years, satanic movements have attracted more and more attention. Recently, they have introduced satanic afterschool clubs to schools all over the country. Is this illegal? Not at all actually. In 2001, the Supreme Court had enforced a law that, due to the case of Good News Club against Milford Central School, no one could discriminate against religious speech and activities, inclusive of establishing religious afterschool clubs in schools. This is due to the right of freedom of speech. In doing so, the Satanic Temple plans to expose their teachings to the younger generation through schools and spread satanism. 

During these satanic clubs, the Satanic Temple claims that students will not be encouraged to do evil and worship the devil, but are encouraged to develop their own scientific rationalisation to better understand our world. They believe that the other religions, teaches false hope and superstition, or rather, misleading beliefs in what we are not able to prove as right and true. Their ultimate objective for this movement is to counteract the spread of religious activities and superstitious illusions. In order to nurture the logical reasoning and scientific understanding of our world, these satanic clubs design activities and games for the students.

Despite the (you could say) positive advantages of these games and activities, parents across the country strongly disagree and protest against these clubs. They feel that these clubs would corrupt the minds of their children, leading them to conduct unacceptable and inappropriate activities, such as stealing and cheating on tests, from the influence of the works of the devil.


The Pentagram, the symbol of satanism.

Tacoma School District parent Kiana Simpson told the local KPCQ-TV Fox News station that “We don’t know who’s teaching it, their motives behind it, it’s not pure. You know children are innocent.”

Many parents have protested to their children’s school. However, these clubs may be protected under the right of freedom of speech.

What do you think? Should satanism be allowed in schools? Would it cause a positive or negative influence on the students? Could something be done to limit the possibly malicious intentions and activities of satanism?



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