The Secrets of Area 51

Written by: Davina

Everyone is bound to have heard the conspiracy theories behind the famous Area 51, at least once, whether it was from a news article or a movie. It is said that Area 51 is a military base used by the United States Air Force and also serves as a facility to test weaponry, at least that’s what the government claims.

The question that people might ask is why are there so many big conspiracies behind a simple military base? Well, one could say it is due to the fact that the government completely avoids addressing or discussing the base. There have also been sightings of strange lights and discs hovering above Area 51, thus encouraging the possible thought that alien technologies are being kept in the base.

The conspiracy theories include Area 51 as a site for the reverse engineering of any technology salvaged from wrecked spaceships and the construction of both time travel and teleportation mechanisms.  It is also believed that they conduct autopsies on the corpses of the aliens recovered from the fallen ships.

The supposed hidden extraterrestrial site is said to be covered up with the name of the Homey Airport in order to keep its whereabouts classified. This airport can be located in Nevada, Las Vegas. Apparently, in 2007, a glitch revealed the location of Area 51 to the aircraft navigational network with the name “Homey Airport”. Because of this glitch, the government had to inform all pilots that Homey Airport is not an actual airport but a restricted base, and that none of the pilots should think of this place as an option to land.

Reading this article, you might ask, ‘but what about the aliens? How did aliens and extraterrestrials get there?’ Well, the whole idea that aliens are being kept in Area 51 came to life after news of the Roswell Incident. Basically, in 1947, an unidentified flying object was said to have crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico. Conspiracy theorists became interested in this matter and started numerous claims about how the UFO was a spaceship.

But up until now, no one has been able to fully undermine the truth behind Area 51 and provide solid evidence behind such claims. If you are wondering if people have indeed visited Area 51 since the location was discovered, they have. Even then, nobody will be able to pass the gate to the secret base without proper authority. The gate itself is covered with warning signs that impose heavy fines and punishments if anyone trespasses.

Still, if you are interested in seeing any videos of people visiting the outer area of Area 51, there is a channel called ‘Exploring with Josh’ that features a view of the gate and the surroundings of the base.

Whether such conspiracies are true or not, it is up to you to decide whether Area 51 is a military base used by the United States Air Force or a secret site that holds all extraterrestrial evidence ever discovered by man.



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