High School Teacher Calls All White People Racist

Written by: Sherlene

“Am I racist? And I say yea. I don’t want to be. It’s not like I choose to be racist, but do I do things because of the way I was raised?” high school teacher James Coursey said during a class discussion.

The majority of the school, Norman North High School, consists of white, or more appropriately, Caucasian students, many of which found his controversial statement to be incredibly insulting. They apparently felt that they were being discriminated against. One of the students reportedly recorded the lecture. Many people also considered the high school teacher’s statements to be hypocritical due to the discrimination against his own race and a race that he had willfully accepted to educate as a teacher.

“To be white is to be racist, period,” the teacher told his students. 

The school district has not said whether the teacher would be facing disciplinary actions, the Washington Post reported.

Teachers are supposedly role models to their students. They are expected to be morally upright and unbiased towards all their students, encouraging them to have a positive mental outlook on the world. Teachers should give students guidance on being the best they can be. Lastly, they are supposed to help students with their problems, both in learning and, sometimes, their personal lives. However, there are definitely black sheep among the flock.

What are your opinions on helping these ‘black sheep’ to teach their students without accidentally discriminating against or offending anyone?



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Kumar, Varun, 2016. Norman North High School Teacher’s Racism Speech: ‘To be White is to be Racist, Period’. Available at: http://www.onbreaking.com/news/norman-north-high-school-teachers-racism-speech-to-be-white-is-to-be-racist-period/4156/ (3 November 2016)

Link to Video:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42ujAv_RBMI&feature=youtu.be (26 October 2016)



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