Hillary’s Email Scandal

Written by: Grace

During Hillary Clinton’s time as the Secretary of State, which began in 2009 and ended in 2013, reports were made, claiming that Mrs. Clinton made a private email server, which only a handful of people were allowed access to. These reports were finally confirmed by the FBI and investigations began. Currently, the exact content of these emails has not been publicised. However, assumptions have been made.

One fact that the FBI can give us is that Clinton, along with her aides, has dealt with the supposedly important emails, carelessly. The most recent information gathered on this topic is associated with an alert that the FBI Director, James Comey, gave to several members of Congress last week.  Mr. Comey discovered over 650,000 new messages. He recovered this information from a laptop which belonged to a close aide of Hillary, Huma Abedin. However, the messages were reportedly sent by Ms. Abedin’s ex-husband, Anthony Weiner, who is currently being investigated for an unrelated crime of sending sexually explicit messages to underage girls, which he reportedly committed several times, first in 2011, then in 2013 and finally, in 2016. 

This entire controversy has become quite an advantage for the Republican candidate, Donald Trump. He has used this peculiar advantage quite effectively, since he has recently been rallying in most of the blue states, such as New Mexico and Michigan, using the FBI’s investigation reports as a good form of reasoning.

“Lock her up!” has been quite a common term in most of his speeches.

Donald’s method of using Hillary’s actions against herself and attempting to pursue Democratic states to vote for him is not a common occurrence for a few States in the US, such as New Mexico.States like Michigan and Wisconsin have voted for Democratic parties since 1988. New Mexico has also voted for 5 of 6 of the past Democratic parties. The fact that Donald Trump was able to turn the heads of quite a few people in New Mexico on Sunday the 30th of October has surprised quite a number of the current Democratic party members. Mr. Trump did rather well, rallying in New Mexico and Wisconsin, even though the two states are Democratically prone.

So, what do you think of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal? Is this really all she has to hide and do you think Mr. Trump’s actions will win him all the votes of the people on the 8th of November?



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