Tupac Shakur is Not Dead?

Written by: Davina

It was believed that the famous rapper, Tupac Shakur, was killed from a bullet that pierced his lung after attending the heavyweight fight with Suge Knight. Both rappers were driving to a nightclub after the fight and stopped at a red light. Suddenly, a Cadillac pulled up next to them and fired 14 bullets at the two rappers, 6 were caught by Tupac. He was pronounced dead on the 13th of September, 1996. The image below is thought to be the last photo taken of Tupac before his death.

The conspiracies were initially about who actually shot Tupac since no one was convicted. One suspect was Suge Knight himself. It was believed that he ordered the attack because he owed Tupac $3 million dollars and by killing him, his records company would profit from some of Tupac’s unreleased songs.

Don’t you think it’s rather strange that the killer has never been caught or identified? 

Later on, theories started to get wild and claims started appearing that Tupac was not actually dead and that he is alive, living among us or hiding. There have been a lot of pictures of Tupac look-alikes. Most are doppelgangers that just happen to look similar, but others seem very convincing. In fact, in the show Beyond Scared Straight
, which is a show where crime-convicted children visit prisons and get treated harshly, there was an episode where one of the prisoners seemed to look just like Tupac, from the face to the voice.

Another image is believed to be proof that Tupac is indeed alive and well. It shows a man who looks just like the celebrity and even has his iconic bandanna wrapped around his head. But to look at it from a skeptical point of view, it could be a doppelganger or some random person who decided to dress as Tupac or it could be a selfie of Tupac released recently.


If Tupac is indeed hiding, quite possibly to escape his fame, why would he take a selfie and post it on the internet where people can see?

Other reasons for Tupac’s peculiar death include: the killer never being identified (even when there were hundreds of paparazzi and fans surrounding the car); there were suspects, but no one was confirmed to be the murderer; within the 14 shots, none of them actually struck Suge Knight despite the fact that he was sitting right next to Tupac. Some sources say he was grazed by a bullet, but it is quite suspicious that he was not fatally injured.

So what do you think? Do you believe this conspiracy and that Tupac is indeed alive, or do you think it’s false and that the rapper did die due to an unsuspected attack?



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