Who is America’s Next Vice-President?

Written by: Grace

Everybody has probably heard of America’s next president, Donald Trump. However, not much has been said about who he has been working with, for instance, Mike Pence. Some of you may not even know who this person is, but fear not dear readers, I shall fill you in on what’s needed to know about America’s next vice-president.    

To begin with, he is the 50th Governor of Indiana and is quite a devoted Christian, as he mentioned rather thoroughly in a 4-minute speech he gave after winning the election alongside America’s President-elect, Donald Trump.

“I’m a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order,” Mr. Pence stated as a brief introduction of himself.

His dedication to his religion has granted him quite a number of approvals, from America itself, however, along with many supporters, Pence has met a wall of opposition. Several comments have been posted on social media platforms stating that his strong religious beliefs may cloud his judgment in important decisions that he, as America’s next Vice-president, may need to make.

In addition to the adversaries of his religious beliefs, he is known to be unfavourable amongst the LGBT community. The reason behind this is because of a bill he signed last year, which proposed a law surrounding the freedom of religion. Several members of the LGBT community claimed that this led to the rate of discrimination against them rising greatly. Also,in the early 1990’s, Pence was a member of the Indiana Family Institute, an institute known to disapprove of gay rights. Thus, another handful of people opposing Pence came about.

Associated with what Pence did before being elected as vice-president, there’s quite a bit to talk about. For example, his consistent support of pro-planned parenthood. This is one of the several reasons he is favourable amongst the people of America.

So, Pence has only a handful of supporters and only a handful of ‘haters,’ we could say.

I personally think that he is not particularly good or bad. If I say so myself, he is rather stern-looking, which would appall me a little if I were meet him.

What do you personally think of Mike Pence? Do you think he is a suitable Vice-president for America? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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