New World Order

Written by: Davina

New World Order, the Illuminati… we have heard of this all once or twice. It is the belief that the world is not controlled by different leaders, but an entire organization with a goal to create a single government for the entire human race. Members are thought to include rich and influential people, many who are included in politics.

The symbol of the New World Order is often a pyramid or triangular shape made out of bricks, with a singular wide eye located in the center. Occasionally, the symbol would be accompanied by writings that say “Novus Ordo Seclorum” which translated to English from Latin means “New Order of the Ages” and the words “Annuit cœptis” which means “Providence Favors our Undertaking”. Providence is the eye of the pyramid or triangle it is laid on, and such a symbol can be found on the back of an American one dollar bill.

So now we know what exactly the New World Order is, but how will they attempt to take over the world? This is where a bunch of other conspiracy theories pile up to give us an answer. One theory is about the population control. If the New World Order wanted to attain absolute control over the people, they would probably want to reduce the population first. The remaining people they would most likely be keeping are the smartest and most intelligent of the bunch. This includes the top engineers, scientists, politicians, and many more.

It is believed that the Order is reducing the population by providing people with poisons, which they claim are vaccines. What we think is given to save us, is actually going to kill us slowly and we just don’t know it yet. Some people think they are taking action by constantly educating society about the advantages of abortion and subtly encouraging people to do the same.

Another more bizarre theory is that the New World Order organization is constantly immersing us in chemicals that are said to control our minds and force us to work under their command. You might notice occasionally a line of thin clouds in the sky, often formed by a flying plane. But what if the clouds aren’t even clouds? What if they’re a trail of mind-controlling chemicals? This is one way that people believe the Order is going to have full power over us.

Last but not least, there is a theory that the New World Order is associated with aliens. Believe it or not, many conspiracy theorists suspect that members of the Order are working for extra terrestrials to create ‘superhumans’. They plan to breed a new race that will be stronger and smarter than a regular human being. It is believed that they will birth superhumans by forcing the alien embryo into some of the leaders of the Order, getting them to give birth. From there, they will develop a new species and take over the planet.

So what do you think about this conspiracy? Tell us in the comments below.



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